Use of Action Ranges

The Action Ranges are for use by organizations only, individual Club members are not permitted to use the Action Ranges. Use of the Action Ranges must be scheduled in advance of anticipated use. Action Ranges gate lock combination will be disclosed when ranges are scheduled for use.

Action Ranges use can be scheduled by one of the following:
1) Contact the Club Secretary (currently Bruce Mower) by leaving a message on the Club phone, 541-902-7708
2) Contact the Club Secretary by email

(only if you are unable to contact Bruce, call Jerry Harpole at 541-935-5224)


Use of Archery Range

Archery range is open for use by Members during regular Club operating hours. Please park off the roadway and walk around the gate to access the Archery Range.

Organizations that utilize the Action Ranges are:

  • Florence Police
  • State Police
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Tribal Police
  • Cowboy Action Shooters (SASS)
  • Siuslaw Multi Gun
  • Fun Pistol Shoot


Handicap Parking Provided


Men and Womens Provided

Shooting Bay

Inside bay looking at berm