Welcome to Cowboy Action

We are a membership sports shooting facility.

We are open 365 days a year from 8am-9:30pm.

Rifle – Handgun – Shotgun – Archery – Fishing.

We shoot the first Sunday of the month starting at 10:00am, check the calendar as some events are subject to change please check the calendar

$10.00 Single
$15.00 for Couples
For more information please contact Fred Ross – yofredor@gmail.com">Send Fred Ross an Email

what_is_sassBrief History
Cowboy Action Shooting was first created in 1981 by Harper Creigh aka Judge Roy Bean, SASS #1. After watching a couple of old westerns on TV on a rainy Saturday afternoon, he had a brain storm. An avid shooter in Soldier of Fortune and IPSC type action shooting matches he called shooting buddies, Gordon Davis and Bill Hahn and presented an idea to shoot their next match using western type guns. The rest, as they say, is history.

Cowboy Action Shooting began at a shooting range in Coto de Caza, California. In the beginning, very loose rules were adhered to. But before long an assemblage of rules began to take shape and the new shooting sport evolved into what it is today.

In April 1982, the first END of TRAIL was introduced. Sixty-five registered shooters competed. It wasn’t until 1987, however, that SASS, The Single Action Shooting Society was formed. By then the Wild Bunch was formed and a membership organization was created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.

Cowboy Action Shooting is the fastest growing outdoor shooting sport in the country. Attracting competitors from around the world, Cowboy Action Shooting is not only a sport that tests the shooters accuracy, but also a forum that brings back the days of the Old West in a veritable celebration of the cowboy lifestyle.

The Single Action Shooting Society is the governing organization of Cowboy Action Shooting, worldwide. Today, with over 105,000 members, SASS is represented in all fifty states and 18 foreign countries. The organization endorses regional matches conducted by its more than 700 SASS affiliated clubs and promulgates rules and procedures to ensure safety and consistency in Cowboy Action Shooting matches. Most importantly, however, SASS members share a common interest for preserving the history of the Old West.

Object: Hit steel targets at ranges from 7 to 50 yards with revolvers, rifles and shotguns.


  • Clothing from the 1800’s is encouraged
  • Single action revolvers with calibers between .32 and 45 Long Colt
  • One rifle from before 1896 or current clone
  • One Shotgun from before 1898 or clone
  • Two holsters and belt to hold the pistols, and ammo belt or slide for shotgun
  • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • All SASS classifications apply.
  • All shooting is done standing at designated shooting areas
  • Some movement between areas can be expected

The 1st Sunday of every month from 10:00 PM until 3:00 PM

More Info
Introduction; The Siuslaw Rod and Gun Club has formed the Siuslaw River Rangers to provide a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) event to the club shooting disciplines. The purpose of this event is to allow everyone age 12 and up to participate in shooting the western guns and take on aliases that reflect life from the 1800’s. Everyone is encouraged to participate from the brand new shooter to the experienced cowboy. Participants are invited to join the Siuslaw Rod and Gun Club and to have their cowboy names registered with SASS.

For more information on SASS and SASS match rules see www.sassnet.com

Action Shooting Ranges
Siuslaw Rod and Gun Club
Munsel Lake Road
Florence, OR 97439

The 1st Sunday of every month from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Anyone over the age of 12 who may legally possess a firearm.

Course of Fire
Made up, week to week, using standard SASS stage designs with deviations for interest and novelty by the Siuslaw River Rangers.

All SASS rules apply.

Typical steel reactive targets

SASS members waiting to shoot