Fun Pistol Shoot

The Fun Pistol shoot will be held monthly on the Action Ranges starting in February 2016.


Coordinator: Ave Bernard

About the Club:
This is a club-sponsored event.
We shoot from February through November.
It is free and open to any member and one guest
All types of handguns are permitted.
Members will be notified by email when shoots will take place. (Web calendar, phone message)
Cost: A fee of $2.00 is for replacement of targets.

Pistol Club Goals:
1) To promote a safe, friendly and fun pistol shooting environment for all members.
2) To help members raise their shooting skill levels.
3) To shoot safely at all times.

General Safety Rules:
1) Eye and ear protection is required of all shooters and spectators.
2) Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, downrange.
3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target.
4) Be sure of your target. (Know what it is, what is in line with it, and what is behind it. Never shoot anything you have not positively identified.)
5) Actions must be open with muzzle pointed down range upon arrival and when not firing.
6) No handling or adjusting of firearms while anyone is down range.
7) No firing is allowed over or to the sides of the backstop.
8) Anyone seeing an unsafe condition may declare a cease-fire.
9) When a range master calls for a cease-fire, shooters will stop shooting, empty and clear their gun, remove clips (autos) and bullets from a revolver, with actions open.
10) Bench firearm, point muzzle down range and step behind the yellow safety line.
11) Wait for instructions, when all clear is stated and range is safe the shooter may then go down range to check targets.
12) Upon returning shooters will stay behind the yellow safety line until the range master calls for shooters to approach the firing line.
13) No gun handling is allowed while any shooter is down range.
14) No firing from and concealed holster.
15) No quick draw or rapid firing allowed.

1) The only authorized targets are to be paper ones tacked or stapled to the target holders, clay birds on backstop or metal spinners for .22 cal. No glass, cans, bottles or boxes for targets.
2) Please remove all targets after shooting is completed.
3) Please deposit trash, brass, steel cases and unwanted targets in the trashcans or recycled brass containers provided.
4) Anyone in obvious violation of range rules will be asked to leave.

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