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As an all-volunteer working club we sometimes have imbalances in our membership’s contribution of time at differnet areas of the club.

To address this we need work parties to keep up with the clubs grounds.

General Business Meetings
“There’s more than showing up for target practice.”

  1. Past history of the club is a handful of the same members show up for these meetings. We use to have business meetings monthly, now they are quarterly due to lackof interest.
  2. Just a reminder, this is YOUR club. You pay dues which in turn gives you a voice in helping guide our club into the future. We also vote about improvements to the grounds, upcoming projects.
  3. We would love to see a packed house and to give some relief to those same few members making all of YOUR/OUR decisions. Input and fresh ideas really help.

Picking Up After Shooting

  1. When your on a range ready to leave please take a moment to look around to make sure your brass is picked up (if you don’t keep your brass please put it in the brass collection containers).
  2. Pistol Range targets and target stands. There is nothing like going to the Pistol Range only to find the previous shooter(s) where to lazy to put the stands and target frames back. You are not the maids of the inconsiderate member(s) who left the mess. We know it’s a pain when others don’t just put it back where it belongs.

Shooting at Things Other Than Paper Targets

The club has signs to follow directions as we are a Range Master Free club. Everyone is on the honor system. Please don’t shoot at the signs, wood post, rocks, the ground as bullets ricochet.

Do You Bring Your Dog?

There’s nothing like stepping into a fresh pile of dog crap. Please pick up after your animals!

Work Parties

From time to time we call on members to help maintain the club grounds which includes, brush, tree, berms, trash, etc. that needs to be done. Becuase hardly anyone shows up we then have to inturn hire a contractor to do what some members can do to avoid spending unnessicary money that can go to new euipment.


Work parties are hard to organize. We need members to step up and help. There are members that have been with the club for over 40 years, and they have paid their dues. New memebers recieve the benifits of their hard work by previous members. We are a much larger club now and more things need attention. Helping out and not egnoring things that need to be picked up and put away. We all should policed the grounds and spend 5-10 minutes picking up, future efforts would be minimum. Now things are so over grown it’s going to take some hard work to get things in shape.

We don’t charge an “Initiation Fee” and we should. To avoid this please help your club.

This is YOUR club, please be willing to treat it like your home. Got a dog clean up after it. Members tired of stepping in DOG CRAP!

These photos are areas of the club that need to be trimmed back and cleaned up. Click on any photo to enlarge.

1. Top left photo: Area between the Pistol Range and the Rifle Range. Should be cut back, trimmed and cleaned.

2. Middle left: Bracnhes on sign and overall trim back. Cut branches on the ground, general clean the area around.

3. Bottom left: Club entrance sign. General trim brush back even, mowe and make sure sign is visable coming form the east.

4. Top right: Entrance bush should be removed along with dead branches mixed. Clearing this would help see traffic when leaving.

5. Middle right: Again a view of the entrance brush that need to be cleared.

6. Bottom right: Another look at the low branches between the Pistol and Rifle Ranges.