Handgun Safety

The Handgun Safety Course has been taught by Glen Harter with the assistance from his wife Barbara and Class Scheduler and Firing Line coach Troy Ronning.

What you can expect is a minimum of 4 hour classroom time and then live fire qualifications on the pistol range. If you have a gun that you are going to shoot for the class make sure the gun is EMPTY before you come on the club grounds. All weapons will be examined before class starts. If you are in need of a gun for this class please speak to Glen Harter

2018 Handgun Safety Class Schedule

Jan 27 | Feb 24 | Mar 24 | Apr 14 | Jun 23 | Jul 28 | Aug 25 | Sept 22 | Oct 27

All classes are on Saturday and start at 9:00am in the clubhouse.

Go to the Florence Police Department to pick up your HANDGUN SAFETY application. Follow the instructions that comes with the packet for the class registration. You will be contacted by the instructor as to your class date and time.

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