The Siuslaw Gun Club is a member driven Sports Shooting Facility. We are not a public shooting range. We are open to the public only for certain events.

Becoming a Siuslaw Rod and Gun Club member is virtually a painless effort. One, you will need to download and fill out a membership application. Two, you will need to schedule an orientation meeting by calling the gun club hot line at 541-902-7708. Please leave a message that you want to become a member and need an orientation.

Once you have completed these two steps, pay your dues you will be handed or mailed your membership card. If cards need to be processed though the mail it may take up to 4 weeks to get your card. Make sure you renew early.

Membership cards are non-transferable and can ONLY be used by the person named on the front of the card. Any violations of this rule will be cause to expel the member and the non-member.



The cost of a membership is $75.00 for a General Membership and $65.00 for a Senior membership (65 and older). All Memberships are valid from January 1st through December 31st for any given year. You must submit a new application every year no matter how long you have been a member.

The Club does not prorate memberships.

Please allow a minimum of 2-4 weeks to process your application.

The membership definitions. Please read them.
1) General Membership, is for persons under the age of 65 and older than 18. The membership is for family members limited to husband, wife/spouse, and children under 18 years old living in the same household. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, in-law’s, brothers or sisters living in the household are NOT considered family members for purposes of Club Membership. You may choose to add a spouse card which is included with a General Membership. Club Memberships are not available to persons under the age of 18 years.  A membership year is from Jan 1st. through Dec 31st.

Spouse Card: is a card that has all the same privileges for the exception of voting at general meetings on club issues. If you want a Spouse Card please indicate on the application with a note that you are requesting one.

2) Senior Membership, this is for persons over the age of 65 and it includes ALL family members living under the same roof. The cost for a Senior (family) Membership is $75.00 per year. A General or Senior Membership can either consist of one member or a spouse and children under the age of 18. A membership year is from Jan 1st. through Dec 31st.

3) New Membership, this is not a renewal or if you have not been a paid member within the last 3 years. All new members must go through an on-site orientation. This orientation is given by a club official and is to go over the rules and regulations of the club and to familiarize you with safety and procedures. This is a requirement and will not be excused before any official membership card will be issued. When you fill out an New Member application, you will be notified by mail that you will need to make an appointment for the orientation.

4) Guest, Valid members can bring up to 2 guest one time. After their visit they must become a member to enter the Club grounds.