04-SDMGSiuslaw Defensive Multi-Gun is a sport based on solving self-defense scenarios. Shooting from a position of cover and utilizing widely accepted movement and reload tactics are the fundamentals of Siuslaw DMG. Each match incorporates a variety of skill and scenario stages with most representing a balanced mix of pistol, shotgun and rifle target arrays.

Our scoring system equally rewards accuracy and speed and is based on the raw time it takes to shoot a stage combined with the accuracy of the hits on the targets, where inaccuracy adds penalties in the form of added time to the score.

SDMG strives to be novice friendly with lower round counts and simpler stage procedures than many other action shooting sports. SDMG rules provide those with defensive training backgrounds the opportunity to test their skills against others using practical equipment without incurring penalties for utilizing that training.

13-SDMGSDMG Divisions are created along similar lines as other 3-Gun sports, with focus on the defensive role of guns, incorporating features and/or calibers more common to hunting and defense than typical competition purposes. Divisions exist for common carry and home defense equipment to full 3-Gun competition rigs for testing these common configurations against defensive scenarios. All regular SDMG club matches feature a ‘pistol only’ division that is scored separately.

Our regular SDMG matches are $20 for multi-gun and $15 for pistol only divisions. Specialty matches such as our annual Top Team, Back-Up Gun and Shots in the Dark have varied match fees that will be announced ahead of each match.

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